Submit a Concern

If this is an immediate concern about someone's health or safety - contact emergency services (9-1-1).

If you are unsure if this is a matter for emergency services, please contact U.P.D. at 707/826-5555 - they will assist in determining the appropriate course of action.

How to Report - What to include and not include

  • Select the appropriate category and proceed to fill out the form.
  • Information to include:
    • Student(s)’s first and last name along with their student identification number.
    • Date, time and location (if known)
    • Significant and direct quotes from involved parties
    • Provide a complete description of the situation, incident/behavior, or concern
    • Witness names and contact information (if known)
    • If you have any additional documentation such as emails, texts, messages or word documents, please attach to the report.
    • If you have concern about suicide or suicide ideation, contact University Police (x5555) who will assist in determing the appropriate course of action.
  • Do Not Include:
    • Arm-Chair Diagnoses: Diagnoses must come from licenses individuals operating in their capacity as a health care professional. Unless the student(s) in question have self disclosed a diagnosis to you, please report the concerning behavior only (e.g. "Over the course of several weeks I have noticed the student has extreme mood swings, alternating between enthusiasm and apathy." but not "This student is manic depressive").
    • Opinions/Judgements about the students character, personality, identity or other personal characteristics not related to the concerning issue.

Please note: 

Lack of information will delay processing of referrals. It is extremely important that you include complete and detailed information. Please do not email reports, these reporting forms are a more secure and reliable method of getting us the information. 

Additionally, Students have a right to access their educational records, and these reports are a part of those records. As such, all reports are not confidential. 

Academic Misconduct (For Faculty)

Alleged academic violations include collaboration, collusion, copying, plagiarism, utilizing unauthorized resources, etc., are examples of issues of academic misconduct that can be reported here.

Behavioral Misconduct

Alleged behavioral violations by an individual of the Student Code of Conduct (e.g. alcohol, disorderly conduct, drugs, failure to comply, theft, vandalism, weapons, violent acts or threats of violence, etc.).

Campus Assistance, Response, and Engagement (CARE) Report

Outreach and referrals to appropriate resources for students in need of assistance outside of the classroom and their coursework (i.e., absences due to medical reasons or extenuating circumstances, reports of depression or anxiety, issues involving non-student members of the campus community, and other issues of general concern).


Alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct by a registered student organization or multiple members of a registered student organization as a condition of potential membership (e.g. forced alcohol consumption, required physical activity, physical injury, confinement, etc.). University Anti-Hazing Policy

Discrimination including reports of Sexual Misconduct

Alleged violations of HSU's Sexual Misconduct Policy and/or the CSU Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence and Stalking should be reported here.

Student Conduct Record Request

Students that wish to receive a copy of their student conduct records from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities may do so here.